Good news: Local Council Approves Our Project!

Claire and Herbert Falk 2013

Happy faces all around for the supporters of the initiative “Stumbling Stones Bad Schönborn”: Bad Schönborn’s local council approved the project with 14 yes votes against 4 no votes and 2 abstentions yesterday evening.

Thanks to Mayor Klaus-Detlev Huge and the Local Councillors from Freie Wähler, SPD and Greens for their Yes votes!

The initiative “Stumbling Stones Bad Schönborn” will agree on the next steps in collaboration with the local government of Bad Schönborn and the supporters. There is some time left to further research the fate of the victims. The earliest date for the laying of the five first stumbling stones is September 2016.

Picture: Herbert Falk, the only surviving contemporary witness with his wife Claire (Source: Family Herbert Falk)

Gedenken für die Opfer des Nazi-Regimes in Mingolsheim und Langenbrücken